Getting Shirty With Scott Murrell

Written by Mike Carter Hull KR Shirts.

Welcome to Getting Shirty With Scott Murrell. I had the opportunity to ask former Hull KR and current Halifax RLFC player Scott Murrell some questions about the shirts which he has worn in his Rugby League career.

Player Profile

NAME – Scott Murrell
CLUBS – Leeds Rhinos, London Broncos (loan), Hull Kingston Rovers and Halifax RLFC
POSITIONS – Stand-Off, Scrum-Half, Hooker and Loose Forward

STATS FOR HULL KR – (2006-2012)
TRIES – 41
GOALS – 36
(A special thank you to Bryan & Jonathon for providing the stats)


Scott came through the academy at Leeds, making his debut in 2005 for his boyhood club, after featuring for London Broncos 6 times whilst on loan there in 2004. Scott joined Hull KR ahead of the 2006 season where he would help guide the Robins to the Super League for the first time. During Scott’s time at Hull KR, he played across multiple positions, a utility status which was vital to Rovers success. After 7 years in East Hull, Scott moved back to West Yorkshire to play for Halifax RLFC. Scott has been with Halifax for the last 8 years and has now adorned a similar status to ‘Fax fans as he achieved with the Rovers fanbase. I reached out to Scott, and he has taken the time to do a Q&A with Hull KR Shirts which I would like to thank him greatly for.

Getting Shirty With Scott Murrell

MC – Scott, what is your favourite Hull KR shirt you’ve played in? 

SM – I would have to say my debut shirt, which was the 2006 home shirt. It’s the design everyone associates with Hull KR – A white shirt with a red band. I also loved it because it was a modern version of the 1980 home shirt.

Ben Cockayne and Scott Murrell in the Hull KR 2006 Home Shirt after being victorious over Widnes in the National League One Grand Final.

MC – What is your favourite rugby shirt (excluding Hull KR) you’ve ever played in and why?

SM – The best shirt I’ve played in is the 2017 Halifax away shirt. It was made by Ev2 Sportswear and was Green and Black. The shirt certainly stood out. We also had some big wins in it on the road, so that helps it stick in the memory.

Scott Murrell wearing the Halifax 2017 Away Shirt.

MC – Is there a shirt you’ve played in and thought, “man, this is awful”?

SM – Yeah, unfortunately. It was last year and the 2019 Halifax away shirt. It was Orange and I was a little overweight so it made me look like I was a traffic cone!

Scott Murrell wearing the Halifax 2019 Away Shirt.

MC – Do you have a preferred squad number to play in?

SM – No, I don’t have one, but I do think that I played the best Rugby of my career playing with #13 on my shirt when at Hull KR.

Scott Murrell celebrates with team mates in the Hull KR 2008 Away Shirt.

MC – I know you said you don’t have a prefered squad number but would you say your squad number should reflect your playing position on the field?

SM – No, not at all for me. Late on in my career with Hull KR I played in different positions from week to week, so it didn’t matter to me at all, what squad number I had on my back.

Scott Murrell played in #6, #9, #13 and #19 during his 7 years at Hull Kingston Rovers.

MC – Do you have any superstitions with regards to club kit and getting ready for a game? (One sock on before the other or wouldn’t warm up in playing jersey, for example) 

SM – Nah, I’m not superstitious at all. I like to try keep the lads as calm and relaxed as we can be. I think its important to have a laugh with them before a game to take their minds off any pre-match nerves.

Club Captain, Scott Murrell leads Halifax out for a game against York City Knights.

MC – What is your favourite rugby shirt of all time? (Not necessarily one you’ve played in or for a team you’ve played for but something you appreciate)

SM – I’m a Leeds lad and growing up. I followed them home and away, so my Leeds Rhinos 2005 home shirt which I made my debut in is pretty special to me. My youngest lad has it now, and its on his wall in his bedroom.

Scott Murrell on debut for Leeds Rhinos in 2005.

MC – Do you have a favourite shirt which you’ve acquired in your career?

SM – When I was at Hull KR I got to know Blake Green quite well. After he joined Wigan Warriors in his debut season they won the Challenge Cup and the Super League. Before he moved back to Australia he gave me his 2013 Grand Final winning shirt. I’ve got it framed on the wall in my kitchen now, it was a class gesture from him to be honest.

Blake Green’s Wigan Warriors 2013 Grand Final Shirt.

MC – How many shirts per season would you normally wear as a player?

SM – At Halifax, I get issued with 2 home and 2 away shirts for the full season.

MC – This is considerably less than say a footballer who might have between 2 and 4 PER GAME. Would you like more shirts per season?

SM – It doesn’t make any difference to me. It’s all down to money and what deal the club has with the kit manufacturer/supplier.

MCWhat would normally happen to the shirts you wore, which you got to keep at the end of a season?

SM – I gave all mine to my brother but now my kids are mad into Rugby League, he gave them to them. It’s pretty special really as I would have probably just given them away. At the time you don’t realise what memories you have in them. Now I’m a little older, I like to look back at the good times and seeing these again has certainly helped.

MC – At the start of your career it was a generation of loose-fitting shirts and your career has taken a path with a much more fitted style. Which is most comfortable for you when you play?

SM – What I would do for a baggy shirt now…

Scott Murrell showing us why he may need a baggy shirt…

That’s everything from Scott Murrell in this Q&A with Hull KR Shirts. I’d just like to once again thank Scott for taking the time do the Q&A and wish him all the best in his career. It was a pleasure to watch him play in the Red and White of Hull KR and even more special that I have one of his playing shirts from his time at our great club, in the collection.

Scott Murrell Match-Worn
2011 Hull KR Home Shirt.

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Getting Shirty With Scott Murrell. Who else would you like to Hull KR Shirts have a Q&A with? Tag them on this post on Twitter and we’ll see who is interested in getting involved.

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