My Collection With Neil Turner

Written by Mike Carter, Hull KR Shirts.

Welcome to My Collection With Neil Turner. I recently spoke to Neil about his collection and love for Hull Kingston Rovers. He was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions and share his collection with us.

MC – Neil, what inspired you to collect shirts? 

NT – I would say that the designs of the shirts is the thing which first inspired me to collect shirts. I also have a great affection for the history of Hull Kingston Rovers and that too inspired me to collect shirts from historic generations of the club.

MC – When did you start collecting shirts and what do you collect?

NT – I started collection shirts around 15 years ago, I think. I consider my collection to be centered around Hull KR shirts, however I do buy other teams shirts shirts to sell on, but I keep a few. Collecting is an expensive hobby no matter what you collect, and Rugby League Shirts is just that. I do this to create funds to buy shirts for my own personal collection.

MCIs your collection replica, match-worn or a mixture, Neil?

NT – A mixture of both, Mike. I have around 25 replica Hull KR shirts then around another 10 which are player spec or match-worn. All of those are Hull KR.

MC – What was your first shirt in your collection?

NT – The first replica shirt which I bought was the Hull KR 2004 home shirt by Kukri. I had a break in attending Hull KR games but I returned in 2004. My first match-worn shirt was the Hull KR 1980 home shirt by adidas with #14 on the back but I have since moved that shirt on.

Hull KR 2004 Home Shirt.

MC – What is your favourite Rovers shirt in your collection?

NT – My favourite Rovers shirt in my collection is my 1982 John Player Final match-worn shirt worn by Phil Hogan.

Hull KR 1982 Home Shirt from the John Player Trophy Final, worn by Phil Hogan.

MC – What is your favourite shirt (Excluding Rovers) in your collection?

NT – I have a 1974 Great Britain shirt which was worn by Hull KR legend Roger Millward.

Great Britain 1974 Shirt worn by Roger Millward.

MC – What is your favourite Rovers shirt of all time? (not necessarily in your collection).

NT – Most certainly the 1980 home shirt. I like this variation of the shirt the most as it has a broader red breast than others released as well as the fact we lifted the Challenge Cup whilst wearing it after beating Hull FC at Wembley.

Hull KR 1980 Home Shirt.

MC – Would you buy a shirt you didn’t like the look of? If yes how do you feel about it?

NT – I only buy shirts which I like the look of, or if they’re rare. My collection is more centered around shirts which I like and have an appeal to me, rather than me thinking I have to have eveything.

MC – Over the years collecting shirts, what would you say was your best buy?

NT – I once was lucky enough to pick up a St Helens match-worn shirt from 1977. I was even luckier to only pay £10 for it!

MC – What is your opinion on signed shirts, Neil?

NT – They’re not for me, Mike. I like to wear my replica shirts so I wouldn’t want any of those to be signed. If we’re talking about match-worn shirts then I’d be okay with that but it should only be signed by the player wearing the shirt and not a full squad.

MC – Lastly to finish up Neil, I would like to give you the opportunity to shout out for a shirt (or shirts) which have eluded you over the years?

NT – I have been on the hunt for a match-worn Hull KR 1986 home shirt, with Hanson White Print as the sponsor. (See picture below).

Neil Turner’s Wish List.
Match-Worn Hull KR 1986 Home Shirt.

Neil, you’ve been great. Thank you for taking the time to go through this interview with me. It has been ace talking shirts with you and I hope you enjoyed it too!

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