Getting Shirty With Scott Wheeldon

Written by Mike Carter, Hull KR Shirts.

Welcome to Getting Shirty With Scott Wheeldon. I had the opportunity to ask former Hull KR and current Sheffield Eagles player Scott Wheeldon some questions about, the shirts which he has worn in his Rugby League career to date.

Player Profile

NAME – Scott Wheeldon
CLUBS – Hull FC, Hull Kingston Rovers, London Broncos, Castleford Tigers, Featherstone Rovers and Sheffield Eagles
POSITIONS – Prop Forward

STATS FOR HULL KR – (2009-2012)
(A special thank you to Bryan & Jonathon for providing the stats)


Scott is a local lad who grew up in Hull and made his debut for Hull FC in 2006 at the age of 20. I’m quite sure that he wouldn’t have expected to be pulling on a shirt in the Super League Grand Final within his first 12 months playing the professional game, but that is exactly what happened when Wheeldon represented Hull FC against St Helens at Old Trafford in 2006.

After 3 seasons in the first team at Hull FC, Scott moved over to the East of the City and signed for Hull Kingston Rovers. His first season with The Robins in 2009 would become the clubs most successful in the Super League era as he helped the side finish 4th and make the end of season playoff series. Scott would make over 75 appearances for Hull KR between 2009 and 2012 before making the move to the London Broncos for the 2013 season.

Between 2013 and 2020 Scott has represented 4 different clubs including a further stay in the Super League with Castleford Tigers where he would go on to feature in the 2014 Challenge Cup Final against Leeds Rhinos at Wembley.

Two seasons with Featherstone Rovers from 2018 was sandwiched between two stints at Sheffield Eagles, as Scott returned to Sheffield for the 2020 season, which hasn’t really gotten started.

Getting Shirty With Scott Wheeldon

MC – Scott, what is your favourite Hull KR shirt you’ve played in? 

SW – I did like the 2009 home shirt that was sponsored by Parasol, but the shirt for my second season with Rovers will always be my personal favourite. I was handed the #10 shirt and this was a huge achievement for me.

Scott Wheeldon in Hull KR’s 2010 Home Shirt.

MC – What is your favourite rugby shirt (excluding Hull KR) you’ve ever played in?

SW – My Hull FC debut shirt in 2006, which also was the Grand Final shirt at the end of the year, it was a black kit with a V chest design and a collar.

Scott Wheeldon in Hull FC’s 2006 Home Shirt.

MC – Is there a shirt you’ve played in and thought, “man, this is awful”?

SW – Yeah! London Broncos away kit from 2012, it was a light baby blue kit, it made it worse not having any sponsors on the shirt at the start of that year, it certainly didn’t do me any justice… haha.

London Broncos 2012 Away Shirt.

MCDo you have a favourite or prefered squad number and position?

SW – To be honest, I’ve had quite a few different squad numbers, but my favourite would be #10 at Rovers. For some reason, I think #15 is the most common squad number I have played in. Pretty much since playing professionally, I have only played prop/middle, I did come through from the amateur game as a second-rower though!! 

Matt Cooke and Scott Wheeldon in Hull KR’s 2010 Away Shirt.

MC – Do you have any superstitions with regards to club kit and getting ready for a game? (One sock on before the other or wouldn’t warm up in playing jersey, for example) 

SW – Kinda, I just try and keep the night before a game to the same routine, like the food I eat and at what time. I also try to go to sleep at the same time to have a good routine.

MC – What is your favourite rugby shirt of all time?

SW – When I was younger I did own a couple of the old origin shirts, the thick cotton ones with 3/4 length sleeves. I used to think they were really smart.

MC – Do you have a favourite shirt which you’ve acquired in your career?

SW – I still have my 2006 Grand Final and 2014 Challenge Cup Final shirts, those are important to me. I do remember an academy game for Under 18s at Hull FC, we played a Penrith Panthers touring team and I did swap a shirt, but I don’t know where it is now or who’s it was, which is a shame. 

MC – During your debut season for Hull FC you played in the Grand Final against St Helens. What was that experience like so early in your professional career?

SW – It was quite strange as it all seemed to happen really fast that year. Going from the academy to be included in the first team just about every week. The Grand Final itself was the same, it seemed to happen in a flash and it was really loud. We couldn’t hear each other on the field. I do think Saints’ experience of being in Finals helped them that day.

Scott Wheeldon’s 2006 Hull FC Grand Final Shirt.

MC – How many shirts per season would you normally wear as a player?

SW – Usually one if it didn’t rip, maybe two. It’s not like football where they get to change at half time. 

MC – Would you have liked more?

SW – Yes I think more shirts would be good. Maybe at the end of a season, some of the shirts could be raffled off to fans or auctioned so more fans have access. Then players could have some to keep for themselves and their families too and obviously give the relevant sponsors their match-worn shirt too.

MCWhat would normally happen to the shirts you wore, which you got to keep at the end of a season?

SW – On some occasions, we haven’t actually been allowed to keep shirts for one reason or another so every shirt I was allowed to keep has been either framed or stored away along with programmes/papers/memorabilia etc.

Nathan Massey and Scott Wheeldon ‘Mess About’ at a Media Day at Castleford Tigers.

That’s everything from Scott Wheeldon in this Q&A with Hull KR Shirts. I’d just like to once again thank Scott for taking the time do the Q&A and wish him all the best in his career.

Here is Scott’s 2012 Home Shirt which was issued to him for his final season with The Robins. This was a recent addition to my collection. I would like to extend thanks to Kier Moore for trading this shirt with me.

Scott Wheeldon Match-Worn
2012 Hull KR Home Shirt.

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Getting Shirty With Scott Wheeldon. Who else would you like to Hull KR Shirts have a Q&A with? Tag them on this post on Twitter and we’ll see who is interested in getting involved.

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