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Written by Mike Carter, Hull KR Shirts.

For those of you who have been following the review since I started you’ll be up to date on the journey, we have taken to get to the reveal. For those who haven’t, scroll down and you’ll be able to see the story unfold before your eyes.

This is the full reveal of the 2022 away kit, isn’t it? Not entirely and I will tell you why it isn’t shortly.

Jordan Abdull
(Credit: Hull KR)

At midday on Sunday 21st, November Hull KR revealed images of the front of the 2022 away shirt. It was modelled by Jordan Abdull, Dean Hadley and Will Tate at the locations of the landmarks that feature within the design. It hasn’t got past me that Hull KR have used three local lads for the reveal. This is a really nice touch that goes a long way in delivering the message the kit is sending out.

We knew the shirt would feature landmarks from Hull and the East Riding, but we didn’t know exactly what would feature. On the main front panel of the shirt we find the Humber Bridge, the Lighthouse at Spurn Point, the Three Ships Mosaic, a representation of the river Hull and an aerial view of Queens Gardens. These have been sublimated into the design using a darker shade of yellow to make them stand out against the base colour.

I don’t think anyone could argue that the landmarks used aren’t ‘Icons of Hull’ and it is fantastic to see Hull KR embrace the history of their city during the 140th anniversary of their existence. The yellow and blue colours are a representation of the City colours which have been associated with Hull since the 15th century when they appeared on the City’s coat of arms.

Kingston-upon-Hull coat of arms
(Credit: Heraldry)

At this stage, we’ve only seen the front of the shirt, so there will be more landmarks to feature on the back. If you read the official press release you will notice it mentions Trinity Church (where Tate is pictured) and the 3 City Coronets so expect to see those on the reverse. If you’re wondering why we haven’t seen the back yet, and if you haven’t purchased a 2022 home shirt then you may know why. Hirebase and Harrison Solway’s branding has been heat applied as patches as opposed to being sublimated. This will have been due to the shirt being put into production before those contracts were signed off. Assuming the same has happened here would be a safe bet, in my opinion. There is a sneak peek of Pallet Track, a sister company to Harrison Solway on the press release link.

Once again Hull KR, Oxen and all Club Sponsors deserve top marks for their brand integration on the shirt. It’s a perfect match-up from the aesthetics point of view and even though the sponsors aren’t in their natural colourways they stand out, without looking remotely out of place.

Dean Hadley
(Credit: Hull KR)

The two sleeves have different parts of the Deep sublimated into them. One has the side of the building and the other hosts the point and the most distinctive attribute of the Deep’ unique shape.

The actual shirt that is being worn is very interesting. It’s not actually a full player specification shirt, nor is it a replica. I believe it to be a prototype/sample that the club has been provided with by Oxen. The shirt is fully sublimated but doesn’t appear to be made from the material that player spec shirts are but it is very similar, if not the same as that used for replicas. It also doesn’t have the gel grip patches on the crest that were accustomed to seeing. It’s clear to see a decision has been made after the home shirt launch and I feel that this one has been delivered to a much higher standard.

Will Tate
(Credit: Hull KR)

I’ve enjoyed this past week, the clues and teases have kept my interest peaked and I hope that others have felt the same. My initial thoughts are that I really like this shirt, it’s different to anything we’ve had in the past but it has been delivered with thoughtfulness by people who care about the Club and the City. If you’re going to undertake an evolution of the brand it’s not wise to deliver a fully traditional style, which is why we have a modern take on the home shirt. The away shirt isn’t traditional to Hull KR as Club with the colour or style but the design to the City certainly is.

The 2022 Hull KR away kit is striking, bold and brave. It’s a kit that we may not have gotten away with doing 10 years ago but the sports kit market has changed and this approach is on-trend at the moment. Following on from the success of the 2021 away shirt it’s great to see us have something to be proud of as we take the City of Hull on the road (and plane) with us in 2022.

The shirt is available to pre-order now with delivery in time for Christmas guaranteed.

Update: Friday 17th December

At 7:00 pm on 17th December, it was confirmed that away shirts are now in stock. This prompted me to have a look to see if images of the back of the shirt have been uploaded, and they have! The back of the shirt features as expected, sponsorship branding for Pallet Track and Hirebase as well as more sublimated icons of Hull. The main icon is that of the three coronets but the rear of the shirt also features the Tidal Barrier, Trinity Church and Ferens Art Gallery.

2022 Away Shirt
(Credit: Hull KR)

How we got here…

The 2022 Hull KR away shirt was teased unusually by Hull KR on Monday 15th November. In what appears to be a staggered reveal we were treated to the story behind the shirt before we’ve actually seen it. The shirt has been designed with local landmarks in mind and has been given the tag of celebrating the ‘Icons of Hull‘.

In a Hull KR Shirts first, I’m going to release my review as ‘live’ as possible as we follow the story of the reveal.

So what do we know so far? The indication is that the shirt is primarily going to be a shade of yellow. The crest in the teaser image is blue, so I believe it to be safe to assume this would carry over to the shirt too. Also in the teaser image is the Three Ships Mosaic which is situated on the former BHS building.

The shirt will be sponsored by Connexin. This is the first time that both home and away shirts are sponsored by the same company since 2019.

Accompanying the teaser was the following comment. “Sporting the traditional Hull City Council colours of blue and yellow, the shirt will feature landmarks from across the City and East Riding for supporters to proudly wear on the road throughout the 2022 season.” What this tells us, is that the design will incorporate landmarks sublimated into the shirt to form the design. The idea behind taking Hull on the road with us is a thoughtful touch.

Hull City did a similar thing with the design of their away shirt for the 2020/21 season by incorporating the now MKM Stadium within the design. At the time of release Les Motherby of Hull City Kits said “On the shirt’s carbon grey front panel, angular black lines depict the roof support stanchions of the KCOM Stadium’s West Stand. It’s a lovely touch, and a necessary one, as it would look quite unremarkable and training shirt-like with no graphic. Maybe part of that is down to the simple black crew neck.” I didn’t take too well to this design but it is something that has grown on me over time.

Hull City 2020/21 away shirt
(Credit: umbro)

Back to the 2022 Hull KR away shirt now and it has made me wonder, could it be possible that Craven Park will be featured in the design? What other historical landmarks will be included? I’m looking forward to seeing this one play out.

Update: Saturday 20th November

At 6:00 pm on Saturday 20th, November Hull KR revealed a new training wear range that corresponds with the new 2022 away shirt. The club has taken an interesting approach to building up the hype for the reveal which certainly appears to be working. The range contains five units which include 3 training tees, a vest and a pair of shorts.

The most striking of the tees and the one which stands out the most in the line-up is the Amy Johnson tee. The design features the details and colours, from Amy Johnson’s plane, nicknamed Jason that she flew from London to Australia, in 1932. Johnson was born in Hull and was the first woman to fly this journey solo. Amy Johnson is unquestionably an icon of Hull.

Amy Johnson tee and East Riding tee
(Credit: Hull KR)

Also in the same image is young back Will Tate. Tate is modelling the East Riding tee that features the Yorkshire Rose subtly sublimated into the design. The detailing is around the bottom of the shirt and continues all the way around. A clue on the initial reveal was that the 2022 away shirt will “…feature landmarks from across the City and East Riding for supporters to proudly wear on the road throughout the 2022 season.” We now know the Yorkshire Rose is included on this tee, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it appear on the 2022 away shirt. The image looks to be taken in a minister, could this be in the East Riding and be included within the away shirt design? Hmm.

The steelwork vest, modelled by Man of Steel nominee Jordan Abdull features sublimated steel panels. The panels are to represent the steelwork of a ship. Hull has a rich trawler history and it’s great to see Hull KR acknowledge this as an icon of Hull.

Steelwork vest
(Credit: Hull KR)

The last two items in the five-piece range are the Deep tee and Tidal shorts (we also get a preview of the socks for the 2022 away kit – did you spot those?). Modelled in front of the Deep by Dean Hadley, the Deep tee has a near full side portrait view of the distinctive Deep building on the front with a close-up approach taken on the back, both in yellow. The detailing also continues onto the sleeves which are different to the East Riding and Amy Johnson tees and really finishes the Deep tee of nicely.

Deep tee, Tidal shorts and 2022 away kit socks
(Credit: Hull KR)

There is a sneak peek here of the socks that will be worn as part of the 2022 away kit. They’re blue with a yellow turnover. Replacing the usual Oxen logo, the new Robin Icon features on the front of the sock in blue on the yellow turnover.

2022 away kit socks
(Credit: Hull KR)

The Tidal shorts feature, yes you guessed it, a sublimated design of the tidal barrier. The design is on the side panel and reverse of the blue shorts.

Tidal shorts
(Credit: Hull KR)

It’s hard to say as of now if this range positively compliments the 2022 away shirt due to the fact we haven’t seen it yet, however, this range gets the thumbs up from me if I’m judging it as a stand-alone range. Being able to connect with the City as a whole is music to my ears. We’re the Pride of East Hull, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace the whole City and beyond. The items in the range should appeal to different people due to the variation of ‘icons’. Having a solo icon on each item feels like the safe option to take if the away shirt is going to feature multiple, which I assume it will.

Items from the new Icons of Hull range can be purchased now, here.

Update: Sunday 21st November

Front of shirt design
(Credit: Hull KR)

At 8:00 am Hull KR posted the above image showing the Connexin branding in yellow inside a wavy blue band. The text which accompanied it said, “The shirt features our traditional band but with a modern twist to represent the River Hull which flows through the City.” Now we know this is a design feature I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t predict this as it seems so obvious now. We know the shirt will feature sublimated icons from both sides of the river Hull so the addition of it makes absolute sense.

An interesting thought I have now is, I wonder if the Icons have been placed on the shirt with geography in mind. East one side and West the other side of the river. This could have complicated the design process but if it is correct I will be mega impressed.

I feel the full reveal could be due soon, so make sure to keep those eyes peeled. I know I will be.

This is all we know as of now, but make sure to check back as the reveal of the 2022 away shirt continues.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.

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