Hull Kingston Robins: A Fake Shirt Launch

Written by Mike Carter, Hull KR Shirts.

The aim was to get people talking and generate interest in Hull KR’s 2020 home shirt launch. I’d say that was successful, wouldn’t you? Especially considering the fact I’m about to talk about it…

Firstly an image leaked on Twitter, late on, on Wednesday 30th October from a club sponsor. My first reaction was simply “huh, that’s hideous”.

Image: Sponsor leaked image from Twitter.

On the morning of Thursday 31st October, Elite Pro Sports posted a tweet which was only online for a matter of minutes before being deleted. Those minutes were long enough for the ‘news’ to get out that Hull Kingston Robins were born. Most knew this was a publicity stunt, but that doesn’t take away from what was trying to be achieved. That was to generate an interest in a Revolution whilst also taking a not so sly dig at our rivals in the west of the City.

(Image: Twitter @EliteProSports_ )

Oxen, the rebranded name of X-Blades used this launch to get some publicity towards their brand and you’d have to say it worked. The Hull Daily Mail published an article on it and I lost count over the number of tweets and text messages I received. “Is it true?” “NO WAY?!” just a few messages I received.

(Image: Hull Live)

I don’t mind a stunt being like this being actioned. It served a purpose to drive attention towards the club and Oxen whilst creating plenty of conversation. On the evening of the same day, Hull KR tweeted that the launch was a faux and that the actual shirt would be revealed 24 hours later.

(Image: Twitter @hullkrofficial)

The rebrand of the club was maybe a bridge too far to get supporters believing the legitimacy of the shirt. If it carried the Hull Kingston Rovers club crest I would suspect more fans would have bought into it.

(Image: Twitter @hullkrofficial)

Talking of buying into something, the one-off shirt was auctioned through eBay this past week with funds raised going towards the ‘Youth Development Programme’. I had a go for it, but my budget was blown out of the water after just a couple of hours of being online.

(Image: Twitter @hullkrofficial)

Well done to the supporter who parted with £460 of their hard-earned money for a simply unique piece of Hull KR shirt memorabilia. I would have loved to have had it in my collection but to put things into perspective, I could add between 5 and 10 match worn shirts into my collection for the price it finished at.

(Image: eBay UK)

The best thing about this has to be Tony Smith’s reaction to the fake shirt when he was presented with it during an interview. I think this goes a long way in telling you how genuine Tony is. Watch the video HERE whether it’s your first time or 50th, it’s still just as good.

(Image: Twitter @hullkrofficial)

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