1980 Anniversary Range

Written by Mike Carter, Hull KR Shirts.

Since we’re all pretty much stuck in during this pandemic, I thought I’d take the time to add to the written content on Hull KR Shirts. I’ve used the video platform well recently, but I thought I’d return to written form to give you my take on the NEW 1980 Anniversary Range, plus other things, watch this space.

Released as a mini-range by Hull KR and Elite Pro Sports (through their Oxen brand), it consists of 3 items. An all-white retro jacket, a star tee and a vest. Normally training wear would be released in line with a replica shirt, but due to the quantity of white on the home shirt and in this range, the club decided to do a split launch, leaving this range until closer to the anniversary of the game.

I’ve been very public about my comments on the club’s approach to promoting new lines. Digital content is the best way forward for all in my opinion and that has been shown in the standard of videos which have been produced along with the builds the releases have been given.

The launch of these has been slightly different with it being solely photo-based shoot but a backdrop of a sunny River Hull is certainly very pleasing. The natural sunlight is also captured giving us some really good still shots.

1980 Anniversary Range.

You can see images of all three items just above and at first glance they’re easy on the eye.

You will notice across all three garments the addition of a gold star above the crest. This is to commemorate the clubs only Challenge Cup triumph, 40 years ago against rivals Hull FC. Revealed in a recent interview with myself on Hull KR TV, Head of Marketing and Communications Craig Franklin confirmed it almost appeared on the 2020 home shirt too if it wasn’t for the timing aspect of the design and production process clashing with the Challenge Cup Quarter Final game against Warrington Wolves. Knowledge!

You can see what else Craig said regarding the 1980 Anniversary Range and other things HERE. The 1980 Anniversary Range is discussed from 39:00 minutes onwards.

1980 Aniversary Vest.

The vest is all over white with red piping around the neck, arms and down the sides. I could see this being a really popular piece for the summer as holiday wear. I love wearing Hull KR merchandise when on holiday, even in the UK. Hopefully, we will see enough of the summer months for this to get a solid outing for fans!

In another difference to the replica playing shirts, the embroidery on the crest is different to that on the 2020 home and away shirts as the white background is also needlework, which is interesting as both have white backgrounds. This is also repeated on the Retro Jacket too.

1980 Anniversary Star Tee.

Next up is the Star Tee. At first, I didn’t notice the reason why this tee is called the star tee. Within the design on both sides of the garment is a star, starting on the front, and finishing on the back.

From the images, it looks like the shirt has two stars, one on each side. For me, I would have just had the one star appearing on the shirt within the design.

The subtlety of it is very appealing to me, however, it will probably be more visible when you have the shirt in front of you.

Something that really stood out to me was the choice to use the ‘usual’ club crest and not the inverted colourway we have adopted for 2020. When I try to imagine the inverted badge on this shirt in my mind it really doesn’t look right. I think the red of the badge links well with the red and gold of the shirt. Smart move! The crest on this shirt hasn’t been embroidered like the vest and retro jacket.

1980 Anniversary Retro Jacket.

As in all good forms of media I have saved the best until last, well in my opinion at least. To me, the retro jacket is the best retro jacket the club have released. I have mine on pre-order and cannot wait for it to arrive, even though I can’t wear it anywhere…

The simplicity of the jacket is what is the most appealing to me. The basic bands of red down the arms is enough once coupled with a lovely deep cuff.

The ONLY addition I wish it had was the wording ‘Hull Kingston Rovers’ in a red font on the back, high up but that’s purely just a selfish preference!

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.

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