Key Worker Fundraiser Shirt

Written by Mike, Hull KR Shirts.

On Monday 4th May at 7:00 am Hull KR posted, what has become a regular occurrence with a new launch, a teaser image! Now, a big part of the experience for me is having the opportunity to go “OOO What’s this” when a teaser is posted. Rovers have got the digital launch marketing spot on in recent years and today would turn out to be no different.

The #ThankYou teaser image.
(Image Credit: @hullkrofficial on Twitter)

The first teaser image featured a blue background with faint key silhouettes and the wording thank you, a reference to key workers and the unbelievable work being completed at this difficult time?

As interest would start to generate a second teaser image would be revealed at 12:00 pm, this time we see the 7 colours of the rainbow within 7 ECGs. A reference to the heartbeat of a community possibly?

The ECG teaser image.
(Image Credit: @hullkrofficial on Twitter)

It didn’t take long for the Robins fans to declare their interest in what everyone assumed was a shirt, of some kind. Some even pledging to buy it before they’ve even seen it.

One thing which has probably become a regular occurrence for the retail staff at Craven Park – It once again seemed another parcel would be making it’s away across to Australia and into @TheRobinsFromAus collection!

@TheRobinsFromOz on Twitter.

The third and final teaser image arrived at 4:00 pm and would once again feature the colours of the rainbow, fading out from left-to-right (as you look at it).

You will have noticed people have been putting rainbows in their windows. The thought behind this is to spread hope and make people smile in what is a challenging time for everyone.

The rainbow teaser image.
(Image Credit: @hullkrofficial on Twitter)

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, the promotional work done by Hull KR and Elite Pro Sports has been exceptional. I wanted to cover the journey I took with them today to emphasise how much of an experience it is to me.

How easy would it have been for the club to just post the new shirt at 7:00 pm (or any other time) without any forewarning of it happening? I know I was sat watching at 6:57 pm with anticipation for its reveal. Was you..?

Now, let’s take a look at the shirt! It’s for a great cause and shares a true and relevant local story too. I like the look of it from first glance, so let’s look a little closer.

Hull KR Key Worker Fundraiser Shirt.
(Image Credit: @hullkrofficial on Twitter)

The four main features of the shirt would turn out to be from the three teaser images posted throughout the day. The shirt, which has a blue base colour, features the key silhouettes which appeared in the first teaser image. As also seen in the first image, the wording #ThankYou appears high up on the reverse of the shirt.

The right shoulder (as worn) features 7 ECG’s printed in the colours of the rainbow as featured in the second teaser image.

And finally, the band across the chest features the fading rainbow as seen in the third teaser image.

I reached out to the club to enquire about the club badge and how that would be applied to the shirt. I was pleased to be told that it would be embroidered into the shirt. As with the 1980 Anniversary Star Tee, the club badge appears in its usual modern-day form after being inverted on most of the clothing merchandise in 2020 but unlike the Star Tee, this badge will be embroidered into the shirt.

If you take the club badge off it isn’t a Hull KR shirt from its aesthetics, but when you look really closely you can see traits which featured on previous Hull KR shirts.

If you were to remove all the colour from this shirt it has the kind of ‘template’ you’d expect to see a Rovers shirt based on, especially with the band flowing around the middle. It appears from the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) image of the Key Worker Fundraiser Shirt that the band would be a similar width to that of the 2019 home shirt, which was considerably thinner than the both the 2020 shirts.

The red (left as worn) and the violet (right as worn) of the chest band, also flow down a side of the shirt each. This breaks up the blue nicely in my opinion. Both undersides of the arm are red too.

The thought process has been great with the release of the shirt in my opinion. The NHS is doing a fantastic job at the moment, but it is also important that we say thanks to ALL key workers and not just the NHS. There has been a lot of fundraising for the NHS from all over the country which is amazing, but I’m proud of my club for acknowledging all Key Workers with this shirt.

I’m glad the club have highlighted the fact this won’t be worn by the players for a game. It makes the situation transparent and doesn’t cause any confusion. As we know we’re still to reveal our charity shirt for 2020 and the club has a commitment with that charity which they clearly have to respect also.

The purpose of this shirt isn’t for it to look like a Hull KR shirt so I’m perfectly fine with its look. The open-hearted nature of the shirt will appeal to not only supporters of Hull KR but also members of the local community who are working through this difficult time to support, protect and provide at this difficult time.

The shirt is available on PRE-ORDER only as these will strictly be produced on a made-to-order basis. The shirt is available to order in Junior, Ladies and Adult sizes, which is fantastic to see. You can also order a signed version if that’s your thing. Orders must be placed before 9:00 am on Monday 11th May, so please do not miss out if you’re interested in purchasing one.

All proceeds will be donated to the ‘Community Trust Employability Scheme’ to help those left without employment following the crisis to retrain and find work.

Learn with the Robins have supported over 100 people in to employment education or further training since July 2017, working with those from the recently unemployed to those furthest away from the jobs market. Each participant receives one to one bespoke support tailored to the individual’s needs. A weekly job club is also available to those who need job search support or are lacking access to IT equipment. Travel to the stadium is also paid for those who need it.’

If you would like more information on the Community Trust Employability Scheme you can find it HERE.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.

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